Cyber Compliance Management Services

  • Identifying system flaws and security vulnerabilities
  • Organizing and prioritizing the vulnerabilities
  • Addressing security issues in the proper manner
  • Issuing compliance reports for easier analysis and overview

Maintain Your Cyber Compliance With Cxi Solutions

Evade hefty fines

regulatory compliance penalties Avoid cyber security

Improve data management

Better communication and planning among business leaders

Appease customers’ concerns

Build brand reputation and customer trust

Gain operational benefits

Streamlined operations and access control management

Improve security posture

Cyber compliance helps build and solidify security posture

Prepared for potential breaches

Potential data breaches are identified and interpreted properly

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of cyber-attacks are on SMBs
worth of damage was endured by businesses due to cyberattacks in 2022
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of organizations don’t have incident response plans

CXI Solutions for your Risk Mitigation and Cybersecurity Compliance

The information security compliance checklist is an essential feature of an IT department, ensuring that the newest industry regulations are followed. Moreover, risk assessment and mitigation are key for organizations looking to create new procedures and policies or modify current ones. There needs to be a management system in place so that regulators auditing your organization can easily view it. CXI Solutions takes care of all these needs, reducing your time, increasing efficiency, and ensuring cyber security compliance standards are being upheld transparently.

Achieve Industry Standard Cybersecurity Compliance

ISO/IEC 27032

Meet recognized international standard requirements for cybersecurity

ISO/IEC 27001

Meet recognized international standards for sensitive organizational info management.


Helping you meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

We can help you comply with all industry cybersecurity standards.

What to Expect from a Security Compliance Management Solution

Protect Your Multi-cloud Resources with the Right Security in Place Organizations are increasingly relying on XaaS resources – software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – to power their operations. However, these resources are often spread across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, making them vulnerable to threat vectors. CXI Solutions help you safeguard your XaaS resources across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, ensuring that your data and applications are safe from cloud computing threats. 

Automation Features

Hassle-free automation that ensures consistent security compliance

Several IT Security Controls

A vast selection of IT security control features available

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance Checking

A transparent overview for cyber compliance checking purposes

Robust Reporting Tools

A great depth and level of reporting to analyze the business’s security

Frequency of Updates

Staying well-versed with compliance rules and security features

Superior Customer Service

24/7 support available from cybersecurity compliance services

Integrated Governance & Compliance to future-proof your cyberspace 

Governance, risk, and compliance cybersecurity (GRC) capabilities help create the perfect holistic and integrated approach to risk management. Integrated governance includes automated reporting tools and real-time dashboards that support your business’s growth.

Risk management is the primary mandate for cybersecurity teams, as having a solid framework is the foundation upon which all other related activities are practiced. Tried-and-tested integrated frameworks drive cyber program aspects, supporting business growth. 

Security compliance management is necessary for teams wanting to save time and absorb new compliance requirements and standards both quickly and strategically.

CXI Solution’s Compliance Management Proposition for your company

Cyber Risk Management

Defined methodology and framework for cyber risk assessment

Security Control Framework

Custom security-control frameworks with procedures, standards, and policies

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Prepares and assists regulatory compliance according to regulations

Third-Party Risk Management

Tailored services available at every step of the lifecycle

Cyber Insurance

Detailed evaluation of insurance policy coverage

Cyber Risk Dashboarding

Strategization and implementation of risk dashboard elements

See CXI Solutions optimize your cyberspace

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Frequently Ask Questions

Cybersecurity compliance framework & system administration entails adhering to regulatory requirements and standards set by any agency, authority group, or by law. It’s a must for organizations to achieve compliance through the establishment of risk-based controls that help protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information.

Cybersecurity compliance is essential because different authoritative and legal institutions can penalize you for infringement. Moreover, it improves the organization’s security posture, data management, and operations.

Compliance is a significant component of the organization’s cybersecurity operations. This is because disputes and legal proceedings can arise if there is ever a breach of security measures.

Risk refers to the probability of breaches that an organization can encounter. Compliance means conforming to the regulatory requirements of the State. Governance, risk, and compliance in cybersecurity is an integrated approach that takes automated risk management into account and checks if all regulations are being complied with.

A compliance audit in cybersecurity is the process through which third-party agencies assess whether you have adequate security systems set up that also ensure regulatory compliance.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) protects a business against all cyber threats. A SOC analyst performs 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s network, investigating possible security incidents.

Cybersecurity refers to the controls and systems an organization implements to protect online assets. Compliance is meeting third-party standards that have been put into place by law or as best practices.