Cyber Security Solutions that Protect, Optimize, and Help You Scale

  • Protect your business against information-stealing malware and data threats
  • Stay up to date on the latest cyber security threats
  • Constantly monitor and test your cyberspace

Cyber Security Solutions that Protect, Optimize, and Help You Scale

  • Protect your business against information-stealing malware and data threats
  • Stay up to date on the latest cyber security threats
  • Constantly monitor and test your cyberspace

Cloud Security

We offer complete cloud security solutions to safeguard your business data, confidential information and more. Our expert team of cybersecurity professionals employs cutting-edge technology to keep you protected.


We offer a variety of services that range from providing annual compliance training to ensuring that your employees are in compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Managed Security

As your trusted Cyber Security provider, we offer monthly managed security services where one of our team members will monitor your network 24/7/365.

Full-scale protection from cyber-threats

Get a robust security strategy designed to deal with sophisticated threat vectors.
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Our Cyber Security Solutions Empower Your Business

Get maximum protection for all your devices as we use advanced technologies to secure your organization’s networks and achieve ultimate compliance.
Compliance Assessment:

We can help you ensure that your systems meet all relevant security standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

IT Consultancy:

Our team of experts can provide advice and guidance on how to best secure your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Computing:

We can help you move your data and applications to the cloud, where they will be more secure from potential threats.

The CXI Mission

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Our experts work tirelessly to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and tools to protect their businesses. Here, we put you first!

Preparation and detection

CXI certifies immediate threat identification and response.

Response and Recovery

We provide an immediate response to threat vectors.

Ongoing Monitoring

CXI conducts ongoing monitoring for a proactive approach

What we offer

Secure your data, secure your future.

Backup and Recovery:

In the event of a cyber-attack, our cyber security solutions can help you recover your data and get your systems back up and running.

Cyber Security:

We offer a range of cyber security solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and malware protection.

Penetration Testing:

We can test your systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. We find weaknesses in your network to make sure that hackers don’t.

Vulnerability Assessment:

We run a cyber vulnerability scanning test to help identify potential weak spots in a business' cyber security defenses to help you avoid costly disruptions

Endpoint Protection:

CXI extends complete endpoint protection for all devices, for all remote and in-house employees. We manage complete endpoint security.


We optimize your defenses against the internal and external threats encountered by your business by crafting a comprehensive threat analysis.

Leveraging Updated Technology for Strengthened Protection

Cybercrime damages are projected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, and that’s just the financial cost – the reputational damage and customer loss can be even more devastating for businesses. Safeguard your business with top-grade security services.

Why Choose

CXI Solutions?

Why Choose CXI Solutions?

As the world increasingly moves online, businesses must protect themselves from cyber threats. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that can help you proactively monitor and manage your cyber security.  We have a team of experienced cybersecurity experts who can help you assess your risks and develop bespoke solutions and strategies to address your specific needs. We offer a full range of cyber security services, from data loss prevention, 24/7 SOC, and managed IT services to soc as a service (SoCaaS).
Free Consultation

Our team of security solutions provides free consultation for your business operations and creates a tailor-made cyber protection program.

Certified Professional Expert

CXI has a team of certified professional experts that are skilled in advanced cybersecurity concepts and software defensive systems.

Security on a global scale

We offer global cybersecurity services that protect your organization from malware, and other cybersecurity attacks from all around the world.

24/7 Premium Support

We will monitor, manage, and protect all your critical devices 24/7/365 by using advanced analytics that instantly detects threats.

Embrace Advanced Incident Response Services

Partner with CXI Solutions’ retrospective security and end-to-end protection. 

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A Hands-on Approach to Digital Protection

Leverage our remote monitoring and management services and rest assured that your business is always secure.

Security Audit

Identify all system vulnerabilities with a comprehensive audit

24/7 Monitoring

Discover potential threats before they cause long-term damage

Robust Defense

Build a robust defense system to circumvent threats

See CXI Solutions optimize your cyberspace

Connect with our team to secure your technical life with our four-pronged protection process

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The internet has become a necessary part of our lives, and with it comes increased risks to our safety and security. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s important to stay up to date on the latest threats and have proper knowledge on how to protect yourself in cyberspace.

Do Cyber Security Consultants Charge?

The average hourly rate for a cybersecurity consultant is $225-$300. However, rates can vary depending on the consultant’s experience and the scope of the project. 

How Much Does a Cyber Security Assessment Cost?

The cost of a cyber security assessment can vary depending on the size and needs of the business. For a business with 50 employees, the starting cost is typically $10,000. This price may increase for larger businesses or those with more complex security needs. 

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