Virtual SOC by CXI- A Proactive Security Solution

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions
  • Reliable, cost-effective alternatives to an in-house team
  • Actionable, detailed insights and reports

Cutting Edge SOC Cybersecurity Detection Technology

A virtual security operations center (vSOC) is a cloud-based solution that protects your organization from cyberattacks. At CXI, we have established a virtual SOC with experts conducting real-time monitoring to detect threats proactively. Cyber SOC leverages cloud technology that offers organizations a flexible and cost-effective way to enhance their cybersecurity posture and meet the demands of a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Virtual SOC

Virtual SOC addresses the issues faced by businesses with their cybersecurity framework. The digital model allows SMBs to access and utilize the expertise of experienced cybersecurity teams without the need to hire an in-house staff. A SOC team efficiently detects and inhibits attacks or vulnerabilities to reduce the risk and impact of data breaches. Moreover, it provides a highly-scaled IT SOC infrastructure that is adaptable to a business’s evolving security needs.

A cybersecurity operations center helps organizations meet industry standards and comply with regulations. It provides continuous security posture monitoring and assessment and integrates with other cybersecurity systems. As a result, it provides a detailed, transparent look into your security landscape. With a virtual SOC, businesses receive a cost-effective alternative to a traditional security operations center (SOC). Our vSOC leverages cloud technology and eliminates the need for software, hardware, and maintenance.

• Enhanced security threat detection across all endpoints and networks
• Improved collaboration between security and IT teams
• Real-time threat detection and response
• Automated security incident response processes

• Better compliance with security regulations and standards
• Improved efficiency and reduced manual effort in security operations
• Improved incident resolution times
• Increased security posture and reduced risk of cyber attacks

Leverage Cutting-Edge Virtual SOC (Security Operations Center) For Advanced Protection

A Detailed SOC Analysis

Virtualization Security:

A security operations center (SOC) offers robust digital protection for virtualized environments or infrastructures. The system proactively prevents and mitigates threats before they cause damage.

Automate Security Processes

With a Virtual SOC, all cybersecurity processes are automated, saving time and effort for security professionals.

SIEM Systems Integration:

We offer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Systems integration, which certifies that all alerts are handled smoothly

Continuous Monitoring:

vSOC continuously monitors vulnerabilities across most attack vectors, such as password issues, misconfigurations, phishing, and unpatched software.

Secure Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Environments:

Through proactive security measures, network segmentation, and vulnerability prioritization, vSOC offers comprehensive and reliable multi-cloud and hybrid environment security.

BCDR Capabilities:

The dedicated SOC team creates comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans to ensure limited or zero downtime.

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Frequently Ask Questions

A vSOC utilizes cybersecurity experts and advanced technologies to perform all relevant security operations, such as threat prevention, threat detection, analysis, and triage and response. It improves a business’s cybersecurity posture through continuous monitoring and posture assessment.

A virtual SOC offers sophisticated, robust cybersecurity services including:

• Managed IDs
• Managed SIEM
• Threat Detection and Response
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Managed EDR

A vSOC handles security incidents using cyber digital twins technology to detect the threat and assess its severity. This technology limits irrelevant alerts and supports root-cause analysis during the incident. With 24/7 system monitoring, you receive alerts about system vulnerabilities, in which high-impact incidents are prioritized. Our teams respond and correct the issue using high-tech AI tools.
You can consult with CXI Solutions to discuss your organization’s current security posture and areas of improvement. You can contact us today to get a personalized consultation.
Yes, CXI Solutions has experts who customize and scale vSOC solutions to meet your needs. You can get in touch with us to receive a personalized quote.
Virtual SOC uses external data sources for threat intelligence, such as threat info-sharing and open-source info sharing groups. Internal data sources include log management and SIEM tools.
SOC cybersecurity includes security analysts that use their skills to upstart procedures. These include creating a custom vSOC framework, deep detection, assessment, risk prioritization, false positive de-escalation, and incident response. A properly curated vSOC architecture allows security experts to review all endpoints and examine vulnerabilities.