Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions 

  • Safeguard your business with cutting-edge security surveillance services. CXI Solutions ensures comprehensive protection and peace of mind. 

How Businesses Can Thrive with Our Advanced Surveillance Security? 

Get our state-of-the-art security surveillance systems to monitor your office premises in real time. Our high-definition cameras provide crystal-clear video footage, ensuring every detail is captured for comprehensive monitoring. From entry points to critical areas, our surveillance cameras act as vigilant sentinels, deterring potential threats and safeguarding your assets. 

We also provide you with the right tools to timely detect and respond to any security breaches, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. With our security & surveillance services, you can create a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers, and valuable assets. 

The Pillars of Our Surveillance and Security Services 

CXI Solutions security surveillance solutions are meticulously designed to provide comprehensive protection for your business. We understand the importance of a reliable security infrastructure, which is why we offer a range of cutting-edge components that work seamlessly together to create a powerful system.  

High-Resolution Cameras

Whether indoor or outdoor monitoring, our cameras deliver high-resolution images, enabling you to closely monitor critical areas for any suspicious activities.

Video Management Software

Our video management software provides a centralized platform with user-friendly controls, allowing you to navigate through vast amounts of video data effortlessly.

Network Video Recorders 

Our NVRs serve as the backbone of your surveillance system, offering video analytics, remote accessibility, and archiving to retrieve your surveillance data easily.

Motion Detection and Alerts

We incorporate intelligent motion detection technology to help you differentiate between types of motion and send alerts to notify you of any suspicious activity.

Entry Point Access Control

We integrate access control systems into the surveillance solutions to restrict access to sensitive areas, safeguarding your business against unauthorized activity.

Cloud Storage and Remote Access

Whether you're on-site or away on a business trip, our cloud storage gives remote access to view live or recorded video feeds from any internet-connected device.

Full-Service Surveillance – Your Business’s Safety, Our Priority 

At CXI Solutions, we deliver a comprehensive range of security monitoring services to safeguard your business from internal disputes and crimes. From traditional CCTV surveillance systems to cutting-edge IP-based cameras, we have the expertise to tailor the right surveillance solution for your specific needs. 

If your business requires tailored indoor monitoring, outdoor surveillance, or a combination of both, get in touch with our team of experts. We assess your requirements and design a customized solution that addresses your unique security challenges. Leverage our security camera systems today.  

IP Cameras

High-resolution cameras transmit video over an IP network, providing remote access and advanced features like motion detection and analytics.

PTZ Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras with flexible control enable the remote camera's position and zoom level adjustment for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Dome Cameras

Compact cameras housed in a dome-shaped casing are suitable for discreet surveillance in indoor or outdoor environments, such as parking lots.

Bullet Cameras

Long and cylindrical cameras are designed for outdoor applications, offering excellent visibility and durability in various weather conditions.

Thermal Cameras

Cameras with thermal imaging technology detect heat signatures and infrared energy, making them ideal for detecting intruders' temperature changes.

Wide-Angle Cameras

Wide-angle lenses capture a broader field of view, minimizing blind spots and providing a wider coverage area for comprehensive surveillance.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless camera system transmits video through signals, allowing easy placement and installation, useful in areas where wiring is challenging.

Covert Cameras

Discreet CCTV surveillance systems are designed to blend seamlessly into the environment, ensuring covert monitoring without drawing attention.

360-Degree Cameras

Cameras with panoramic views capture a complete 360-degree field of vision, eliminating blind spots and providing comprehensive coverage.

Day/Night Cameras

Cameras equipped with infrared technology automatically adjusts in daylight and low light (nighttime) conditions to provide clear surveillance.

Explore our diverse range of security cameras to boost your business’s protection 

Benefits of Our Security and Surveillance Services 

By trusting CXI Solutions to fortify your security infrastructure and deliver security surveillance, you can benefit from the following: 

Comprehensive Coverage

Our advanced surveillance systems provide extensive coverage to ensure that every corner of your premises is monitored, eliminating the risk of potential security breaches.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

With CXI's services, your business is under 24/7 surveillance. Our vigilant monitoring enables quick detection and response to any suspicious activities and security threats.

Deterrence and Prevention

Our visible security cameras deter potential intruders and vandals, significantly reducing the likelihood of criminal activities and safeguarding your assets.

Incident Investigation

Our surveillance systems provide detailed footage that assists law enforcement in identifying perpetrators and collecting valuable evidence for a swift resolution.

Remote Footage Monitoring

Our best security camera system offers remote access to live and recorded surveillance footage, allowing you to monitor your business from anywhere.

Customized Solutions

Our experts work closely with you to design and implement tailored surveillance solutions that align with your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and protection.

Alarm Systems Integration

Our surveillance and cyber security services for LLCs seamlessly integrate with alarm systems to provide an added layer of protection by immediately alerting the authorities.

Expert Customer Support

With CXI Solutions, you have a dedicated team of professionals delivering ongoing support for your surveillance systems, such as regular updates and issue resolutions.

Select the Right Security Camera System for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal camera system for your business requires careful consideration. CXI Solutions simplifies the process with expert guidance and an extensive range of options, ensuring you make the right choice. Our security surveillance & monitoring services include the following: 

Need-Based Security System

Our experienced team collaborates with you to understand your unique requirements, such as location, premises size, and security concerns, to determine the perfect camera system. 

Camera Types and Features 

CXI Solutions offers diverse camera options, including IP, PTZ, and dome cameras. Our experts help you select the right system that aligns with your surveillance goals and budget. 

Footage Storage Capacity 

Our wireless security camera system offers flexible storage options, including on-site storage, cloud-based storage, or hybrid solutions tailored to your specific evaluation needs. 

Scalable Security System 

We offer scalable security systems and flexible storage solutions that can grow with your business goals, saving you from costly camera system replacements in the future. 

Why Outsource Security Surveillance Solutions?

Outsourcing surveillance and private security services offers numerous advantages, for example: 

Expertise and Experience 

CXI Solutions brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the security and surveillance industry. By outsourcing to us, you can access a team of professionals who understand the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to improve your security measures. 

Cost-Effective Solutions 

Our outsourcing security and surveillance services are cost-effective compared to building an in-house team. We provide scalable solutions that align with your budget, helping you reduce overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and managing security personnel. 

24/7 Monitoring & Response 

We offer continuous monitoring and response services to constantly monitor your premises. Our trained professionals follow predefined protocols to take swift action, so you can stay relaxed knowing that your business is always under vigilant surveillance. 

Regulatory Compliance 

We stay updated with the latest industry standards as security regulations and compliance requirements are ever-evolving. Our systems and practices adhere to the required regulations while mitigating potential risks and liabilities. 

Secure your business with tailored professional surveillance services 


Frequently Ask Questions

Security cameras refer to physical devices that capture video footage for security purposes. In comparison, surveillance cameras encompass a broader concept that includes the cameras themselves and the entire surveillance system. While security cameras focus on capturing footage, surveillance cameras encompass the complete ecosystem of video surveillance, offering comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and management capabilities. 

To integrate security solutions with video surveillance, assess your specific security needs and select compatible systems that can be seamlessly integrated with your system. You can install cameras, sensors, and access control devices at strategic locations to ensure comprehensive coverage. You can utilize software platforms or management systems that support integration capabilities, enabling communication and data sharing between different security components. Next, configure the system settings to establish event-based actions, such as camera recording triggered by alarm activation or access control events. 

Outsourcing surveillance security services allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of specialized security professionals and access comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs. It eliminates the need for hiring, training, and managing personnel, making it more budget-friendly. Subcontracting security surveillance lets you focus on your core business operations while ensuring round-the-clock vigilance, enhanced security efficiency, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind knowing that professionals protect your business. 

To select the right security camera for surveillance, assess your specific needs, such as the desired coverage area, lighting conditions, and resolution requirements. After this, consider the camera's features, such as night vision capabilities, weather resistance, and pan-tilt-zoom functionality. You can research reputable brands and read customer reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of each model. You can also consult with CXI Solutions to avail an all-inclusive service.