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The List of Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Instant cyber threats and data breach detection

We continuously monitor your organization’s IT infrastructure to detect and resolve cyberattacks in their infancy. As a result, all threats are contained before they can cause intense damage or disruption in the infrastructure with our managed security services and incident response    Our cybersecurity monitoring is a 24/7 service, so no malicious malware can worm its way into your confidential network.

Incident Management and Cyber Defense Services

Critical incident identification, analysis, and system restoration

Our cyber defense team discovers potential incidents and thoroughly analyzes them for immediate resolution. Therefore, your business operations undergo minimum impact. We also provide post-incident support and backup and disaster recovery to maintain your performance quality and restore data.

Security Asset Management Services

Accurate IT resource inventory and upgrade

Our security asset management service continuously monitors your internal and external IT assets. We discover, classify, remediate, and improve your network cybersecurity before an attacker can find a loophole and launch an attack. Moreover, we use the same actionable intelligence the attackers use to strengthen your security system.

Vulnerability & Compliance Management Services

Vulnerability scanning test and vulnerability identification on multiple networks and systems

We regularly analyze and monitor your network structures through compliance management technologies to locate weaknesses, security vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. We also ensure that every department follows the laws and regulations to minimize risk exposure.

Managed Application Security Services

Application functionality assessment and testing

We manage your application security risks by running various scans. Then, we test and develop security features within your systems to prevent future vulnerabilities and protect against threats, including gaining unauthorized access and applying unapproved system modifications. In addition, we become a part of your software development to ensure all development practices are in-line with your company’s standards.

Managed Identity Security Services

Identities and credentials management and rotation

Our identity management services help you control the users’ access to several applications and ensure the server remains secure at all times. This is how we protect your business’s sensitive data and safeguard it against cyberattacks. Moreover, we formulate security governance frameworks to clearly define cybersecurity policies and metrics for the CISO dashboard

Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

Immediate threat hunting and protective response

We use cybersecurity tools that scan your systems for threatening activities and data. The tools are competent for detecting malware that eludes standard organizational security controls. After detection, we launch a protective response to eliminate and shut down the threat permanently.

Managed Cloud Security Services

Cloud security monitoring, reporting, and technical support

Our cloud security services offer security configuration and automation 24/7. The services are continuously in effect to quickly identify and subdue a cyberattack. As a result, you have to deal with little to no downtime and zero money, and data loss.

Network Penetration Test Services

Network security checkup through ethical penetration testing

We have licensed penetration testers on our team that use ethical hacking techniques to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network and systems. Using penetration testing services, we learn whether your system is susceptible to cyberattacks or not. Then we strengthen the security of your network to provide ultimate protection against all threats.

Looking for vulnerability assessment services for your company? Contact us, and our security experts will help you identify security loopholes in your IT infrastructure.

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Frequently Ask Questions

You can protect yourself and your business from social engineering by regularly updating the software and firmware, especially if you have security patches. Moreover, keep your anti-malware and anti-virus up to date and avoid using similar passwords for multiple accounts. Using two-factor authentication will also secure your devices from a social engineering attack.

A social engineering attack psychologically manipulates a user to trick them into making security-sensitive mistakes. It can also influence a person to give away confidential information, spread malware infection in their systems, or allow access to restricted files. These attacks can occur online, in person, or through other interactions.

Using advanced hacking techniques and brute force attacks requires several hardware resources and takes a lot of execution time. In comparison, it is easier for hackers to use social engineering attacks and gain an individual's trust to obtain access to a network or system.

The cost of virtual CISO responsibilities or vCISO for businesses typically ranges from $20,000 to over $250,000 per year. The final cost is determined by multiple factors, such as cybersecurity program maturity, monthly service capacity, contract structure, and the level of security expertise. You can contact our virtual CISO experts to get a quote for your business.

A licensed penetration tester is certified and regulated by a government agency to follow a strict ethical code of conduct during penetration testing. Therefore, a licensed penetration tester uses the best tools and practices to launch simulated cyberattacks to identify and fix weaknesses in a target website or system. This prevents hackers from exploiting a system's vulnerabilities and security issues.

In IDS penetration and vulnerability testing, the intrusion detection system (IDS) software application scans and monitors network or systems for malicious activities, cyber-attacks, and policy violations. Meanwhile, intrusion prevention system (IPS) testing, the threat prevention technology, examines the network activities to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits.

Incident response in cyber security is a term to describe the process through which companies handle data breaches and cyberattacks. It also covers how companies manage the consequences of an attack.

The incident response is an integral part of a business continuity plan. This is because a business plan must be able to deal with cybersecurity threats, such as data breaches, ransom attacks, and malicious incidents. The term incident response describes the process by which an organization manages, controls, and prevents cyber breaches.