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About CXI Solutions

CXI Solutions is the one-stop shop for all business cybersecurity needs. We provide the following services:

  • Managed Security
  • Compliance
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Protections
  • Server Protections
  • Secure IT Infrastructure
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secure Transactions
  • Antivirus

Importance Of Privacy For Businesses And Individuals

For individuals, enterprises, and SMBs, privacy is one of the biggest concerns. Losing personal and confidential data, or having it used maliciously can lead to serious financial and emotional upheaval. In fact, 79% of American web users are worried about whether companies are infringing their privacy online, making it essential for businesses to take privacy policies more seriously.

Our Commitment to Privacy

CXI Solutions understands the importance of privacy in this digital age and that is why it has perfected its cybersecurity offerings. We go to every length to ensure our client’s data remains protected at all costs.

Privacy Policy Overview at CXI Solutions

What Personal Data Does CXI Solutions Collect?

We collect personal information through our contact form and/or when you subscribe to our newsletter. This includes your name and your company’s name, phone number, email address, and similar information. All this is information you have provided voluntarily.

In some cases, we might receive personal information about our clients from other sources, such as publicly available directories, our affiliates, business partners and third parties. It may also contain marketing information that is provided through trade shows and similar corporate events, as well as relevant information that is available through social networks.

How Does CXI Solutions Use Personal Data?

Individuals who sign up for our newsletters consensually will receive information regarding our services and products. Moreover, we also use personal contact information to share news regarding changes to our site, special offers, and new services that might be of value to you.

We also use your personal data to legitimately receive and process your requests, provide customer service, and administer business-related activities. We are also interested in legitimately using user-provided data to improve our customer experience, services, and products. We may also use the data collected for reference and/or statistical purposes.

Apart from the uses and purposes described, we also might use collected personal information in these ways:

  • To perform analyses
  • To identify when you are on our site
  • To allow clients access to the services we provide
  • To provide our services and products
  • To improve our product and service offerings
  • To prevent fraud and/or other cybercrime activities from taking place
  • To send our promotional and marketing materials, which include information regarding our promotions, sales or services
  • To verify if our data regarding our clients is accurate
  • To manage the security of our network and your information, specifically for the steps that might need to be taken to protect information again unauthorized disclosure or access, loss, theft or damage
  • To establish and defend our legal rights
  • For purposes of administration and managing relationships internally
  • To deal with support-related requests or inquiries, or to generally communicate or correspond with you
  • For purposes that are in line with the ones we have shared (such as historical research or scientific purposes, statistical purposes or public archival purposes) if it is permitted within data protection laws
How Does CXI Solutions Protect Personal Data?

It isn’t possible in this day and age to protect personal data by using just one security method. CXI Solutions makes use of several security procedures and technologies to ensure your personal data is protected against unauthorized disclosure, use, or access. We secure the personal information provided on our computer servers through a secure, controlled environment that is protected against unauthorized disclosure, use or access. We may make use of third-party payment processes that are SSL-secured for the purposes of collecting credit card information.

Collection of Personal Data

Types of Personal Data Collected

We collect the following types of personal data:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Title
  • Company
  • Name
Sources of Personal Data Collection

We collect personal data when you make requests, order products, sign-up for newsletters, and more. These are all consensually collected.

Purposes of Personal Data Collection

The personal information we receive from you is used to return email inquiries, and marketing materials. It may also be used for advertisers, to protect ourselves and clients legally and for verification purposes.

Protection of Personal Data

Physical Security Measures

Our computers are heavily protected to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information. Furthermore, we have implemented strong protocols and measures for accessing our physical location, and have made employees aware. The measures include access logs, security alarms and security lighting, and CCTV. Visitors also have to follow proper protocol and are not left unattended.

Technical Security Measures

CXI Solutions strive to protect customer data through all used technologies, such as hardware, networks and devices. We may use automated cybersecurity technologies to recognize and defend against risks. This can be through quarantining or blocking malicious data.

Organizational Security Measures

We have an information security policy in place, as well as a business continuity plan to ensure we can recover and maintain all confidential data in case of an incident. We also abide by all legally required risk assessments, provide employee training, conduct security audits, and continually review our procedures and policies.

Data Security to maintain your safety at CXI Solutions

Measures Taken To Protect Personal Information

CXI Solutions will never disclose any customer personal data, without a notification issued, and will only do so in the circumstance where it is required by law, or if it is believed that it will be necessary to safeguard our interests or third parties for:

  • Protection and defense against property or rights of CXI Solutions
  • Under pressing circumstances where we are required to protect the safety of other CXI Solutions users or the general public
  • Conform to any laws, or comply with legal processes CXI Solutions serves
Reporting data breaches

In case the law requires us to inform you of a data breach where your personal data may be compromised, we will notify you telephonically, in writing, or electronically, as the law permits.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies

In our emails, apps and websites, CXI Solutions and third-parties might collect certain info through automated means like scripts (or comparable technologies) and tags, mobile device functionality, web beacons and cookies.

The information collected might include your IP address, device identifiers (for example, Android Advertising ID or Apple IDFA), operating system and browser information, geolocation, browser identifiers, internet connection information, device information, and details regarding your interactions with our emails, websites, and apps (such as the pages on our site you visited, the links you clicked on and the URL of the third-party site through which you found our website.)

CXI Solutions and third parties might use automation to write or read the information found on users’ devices, for example, the several kinds of cookies and other plugin-based or browser-based local storage (like Flash-based storage or HTML5 storage).

Local storage and cookies are files containing data (for instance, unique identifiers) that CXI Solutions or a third-party might read from or transfer to a user’s personal device in-keeping with the purposes listed within this privacy policy, which includes (as per the collection’s context):

  • Record keeping
  • Marketing and analytics
  • Service provision
  • Device recognition

Tracking technologies also help us with:

  • Remembering your preferred settings on the webpages you visit
  • Measuring usage and traffic trends
  • Enhance or plan for our business
  • Better understanding of user demographics
  • Displaying personalized content
  • Diagnosing and fixing technological problems

In certain situations, we may facilitate third parties who are offering us advertising services to collect information through cookies and tracking technologies. They may use automated means like cookies, and track users’ activities online over time. The information collected may then be used to show tailored ads to users.

Opt-Out Of Tracking Technologies

You can manage user preferences pertaining to our use of tracking technologies on our sites with a link labeled ‘Cookie Preferences link’ found in our footer, through which you can set your preferences. You might also be able to refuse some cookies through your web browsers, or enable settings that alert you regarding the kinds of cookies being sent.

Most browsers have the same setting for Flash and HTML5 local storage, which can be managed through browser settings. However, if you reject or block JavaScript, local storage, cookies or other tracking technologies, some websites (which may include ours) may provide you with limited features.

Third-Party Partners

Sharing Of Personal Information with Third-Party Partners

CXI uses several third-party services that provide data storage and processing services for business analytics, such as Google Analytics. They may automatically gather the information your browser provides when you make a webpage request, like referring your IP address, cookies, or domain.

How Third-Party Partners Use Personal Information

We use the data received from third parties legitimately to improve the accuracy of our client records, reach out to our clients regarding issues or items of interest, and make better and more informed decisions.

Data Subject Rights

Right to Access Personal Data

CXI Solutions offers the following options for exercising choices and rights per the applicable law. Some of these may be subject to exceptions or limits under applicable law.

  • You can update and review your personal data by logging into particular portions of CXI Solutions services.
  • To exercise choices or rights concerning Processor Data, you can directly make requests with CXI Solutions’ customer service representatives.
Addition Rights Regarding Personal Data Access

Depending on the laws applicable to your jurisdiction, you may receive additional rights to add to your personal data.

Right to Erasure of Personal Data

Depending on the laws applicable to your jurisdiction, you may erase or rectify your submitted personal data.

Right to Object To Processing Of Personal Data

By law, you may also have the right to object to personal data processing, ask for a restricted processing of your personal data, or withdrawal of consent to all personal data processing.

Right to Data Portability

You may also be entitled to get a copy of the data you have provided us in portable form or may transmit it to a third party.

Right to Complain To a Supervisory Authority

In case you have a complaint or concern about our privacy policies and practices, you can contact us or lodge a formal complaint with the pertinent government authority.

Miscellaneous Information to Keep In Mind

This section will be a rendition of the content below:

Abiding By Do Not Track Signals

We do not alter our website’s data use and collection practices when coming across Do Not Track Signals from a browser.

External Links

Our website may have links that lead to another site. Please note that we do not take responsibility for the privacy practices or content of other sites. Hence, we tell our users to be cautious when leaving our website, ensuring they read the privacy policies of the linked site that may collect the personal information of users.

Data Storage

After placing an order through our website, we do maintain a record of your Order Information, unless you exclusively request for us to delete all the information we have stored regarding your order.

Information Protection

CXI Solutions takes all precautions to ensure all identifiable information of our clients is protected. When submitting sensitive information through our website, we protect all your information both online and offline.

Sensitive client information we collect (for example; credit card details) is all encrypted, and we receive it securely. To verify this claim, you can check the address bar for the icon of a padlock and check for “HTTPS” at the start of the web address of the page.

Although we encrypt all sensitive information that clients have transmitted online, we also ensure offline protection. We have strict access management in place, so only employees who require certain information for specific tasks (such as customer service or billing) can access your personal information. Moreover, all client information is stored in highly secured server/computer environments.

Other Important Information

Protection of Minors

Protection of privacy for children is essential, especially online. Please be aware that our services and website are not intended to be used by and are not directed towards people under 18 years. Furthermore, we do not collect any personal information of individuals who are 18 or under. If we find out that we have received information of a child who is 18 years of age or under, we will immediately delete all pertinent information. If you want to warn us about the personal information of a child being provided to us then contact us at

Changes to Privacy Policy

Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy

CXI Solutions reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy when necessary to reflect any changes in the use and collection of data, law, technological advancements and services. We may not send written notifications of modifications. Users are required to review the Privacy Policy from time to time.

Acceptance of Changes to Privacy Policy

We may make updates to our privacy policy, and we encourage you to review this statement for information regarding the way we are protecting user information. In case of any changes, the date under ‘Last Updated,’ will be changed accordingly. Before considerable changes are made, we may notify our clients through the email they have given us, or a notice on our website. Your continued use of our website will be considered acceptance of the updates. Before the change becomes effective, the prior notice will be applicable to you.

Contact Us

For any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us via email or our telephone line 646-632-2748