MSPs: Should They Offer Clients Cybersecurity Training?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) cater to a company’s cybersecurity requirements. However, since there was a 38% increase in cyber-attacks globally in 2022, companies are worried about the current state of their security measures and are encouraged to invest in cybersecurity training.

There are several ways MSPs help companies prevent cybercrimes from taking place. However, it is difficult to control the actions of all employees and manage the ways they use their system. As a result, internal actors are responsible for 30% of cyber-attacks!

This shows that, intentionally or unintentionally, employees may be making company data vulnerable for cybercriminals to infiltrate. Therefore, educating your staff about the precautions to take is the key to enhancing data security.

This begs the question: should MSPs in today’s age also offer cybersecurity training services? Is it worth the cost, or will it do more harm than good? This blog will discuss whether or not MSPs should offer their clients cybersecurity training.

The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is an underutilized strategy used by some security and IT professionals to prevent and mitigate user risk. A cybersecurity training program is designed to aid employees and users in understanding their role in combating breaches.

According to a 2022 report by Verizon, human errors are responsible for at least 82% of data breaches. You can minimize such risks and prevent financial, reputational, and data losses through training. An effective training program would address employees’ mistakes when using the web and email or sorting out physical documents. This can include anything from using weak passwords to carrying out improper disposal of documents.

Why Should MSPs Offer Security Awareness Training?

MSPs should give free cybersecurity training are part of their security stack offering. This is because it decreases the possibility of attack, breach, lawsuit, and compliance-related issues, besides increasing security and transforming user behavior.

This increases the effectiveness of the MSPs’ services and, as a result, enhances client satisfaction.

Lessen the Strain on Your Resources

By providing cyber security training for staff, businesses can ensure that they are putting less strain on the resources. Although security stacks are quite useful in enhancing security, organizations can benefit from an even more secure network by effectively training the teams that use these resources.

Protect Yourself Against Potential Legal Issues

Due to the rise in cyber-attacks over the last couple of years, several legalities and regulations have been introduced that MSPs need to abide by when it comes to cybersecurity. By offering security awareness training programs,  businesses can ensure that they follow all protocols and protect themselves legally.

Provide Value to Your Clients

With free cybersecurity training and services, you add value to your offerings. Clients will find it appealing and appreciate the effort you’re putting in, which will help reduce client turnover and improve loyalty.

Save Millions

As per an IBM report, the average cost of a data breach globally is $4.35 million, with the US accounting for $9.44 million worth of financial losses. Therefore, you may think at first that investing time in providing cybersecurity training for beginners may be a waste, but it’s a small price to pay in the long run to prevent attacks.

Unapparent Advantages For MSPs From Providing Awareness Training

MSPs receive several other benefits from conducting security awareness training programs for their clients, such as:

Lessened Need for Customer Support Provision

When MSPs comprehensively train their clients on using the tools they’re offering, they can reduce the amount of support provided to organizations. This will help save on time and costs associated with visiting and repairing issues. Moreover, users are happy when given a rundown on using new tools, which can improve client satisfaction.

Meet Insurance and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

CMMC, ITAR, FINRA, PCI, and HIPAA are all regulations that MSPs need to fulfill, which can easily be done through awareness training. When companies aren’t in compliance with these regulations, they may have to pay hefty fines. 

Moreover, you can get insurance premiums at a better cost with high compliance. This is because insurance providers can rest assured that you’ve followed through with all their requirements and invested in your risk reduction and cyber security program development strategies.

Pinpoint Vulnerable Users

With awareness training, admins receive critical insight regarding their users’ behaviors. When the admin is aware of the users demonstrating risky behavior, failing, or passing phishing simulations, they can address them accordingly.

Build a Security-Aware Culture          

With cybersecurity training, organizations can establish healthy security practices and hygiene, ensuring their employees know how to handle threats. With training programs, simulations, and tests, they will be able to have enough knowledge to discern threat actors and report them accordingly.


MSPs surely offer security awareness training to clients, as it will ensure compliance, improve client loyalty, lessen the strain on current resources, and more. Overall, it gives valuable insight to MSPs and clients into the state of their cyber security and limits internal actors from increasing vulnerability. To consult a managed security service provider, contact CXI Solutions‘ experts today.